Practice at Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha is a rare and precious opportunity. Yogis are asked to enter their retreat with open-heartedness, to practice with purpose and dignity, and to display kindness and high-respect for all during their time at the Center.

Morning Schedule

4 am to 5 am: Group Sitting Meditation in the Main Meditation Hall
5 am to 6 am: Walking Meditation and Breakfast in the Dining Hall
6 am to 7 am: Group Sitting Meditation
7 am to 8 am: Interview sessions with one’s Meditation Teacher
8 am to 9 am: Group Sitting Meditation
9 am to 10 am: Walking Meditation
10 am to 12 noon: Bathing, Lunch, Rest

Afternoon Schedule

12 noon to 1 pm: Group Sitting Meditation
1 pm to 2 pm: Walking Meditation
2 pm to 3 pm: Group Sitting Meditation
3 pm to 4 pm: Interview with the Meditation Teacher and Walking Meditation
4 pm to 5 pm: ​Dhamma Talk by Sayadaw​
5 pm to 6 pm: Bathing, Walking Meditation

Evening Schedule

6 pm to 7 pm: Group Sitting Meditation
7 pm to 8 pm: Walking Meditation
8 pm to 9 pm: Group Sitting Meditation
9 pm onward: Rest for the night