z-Burma BuddhasParticipants are expected to observe the traditional eight Buddhist precepts while residing at Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha. They are as follows:

  1. To refrain from taking the life of any living beings.
  2. To refrain from taking what is not offered.
  3. To refrain from all sexual activity.
  4. To undertake noble silence during the retreat; and during interviews to refrain from false speech.
  5. To refrain from intoxicating substances that obscure clarity of mind and cloud mindfulness.
  6. To refrain from taking food after 12 noon. (Exceptions include clear fruit drinks and sutumadu, an emulsion containing honey, molasses, ghee and sesame oil.)
  7. To refrain from dancing, singing, and listening to music and from the use of perfumes, cosmetics, adornments and ornaments.
  8. To refrain from using luxurious seats. (Chairs may be used in meditation, if required.)

Additional guidelines, considerations and general information:

  • Bring whatever meditation cushions you may need.
  • Most daily necessities can be purchased in Yangon prior to the retreat.
  • Bring loose fitting clothing, with buttoned white shirts for men and white blouses with sleeves that cover the shoulder for women.
  • Bring the vitamins/supplements you may need, along with toiletries, soaps, shampoo etc.
  • Food is served in the dining hall with vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.
  • Emailing, texting, and all mobile phone use must be suspended during the retreat.
  • One must follow the retreat schedule and practice as a group in the meditation hall.
  • Yogis must maintain noble silence during their retreat as well as refrain from reading.
  • Yogis must remain within the grounds of the meditation center during their entire retreat.
  • Yogis must neither invite nor receive guests during their retreat.
  • Yogis must not smoke any substance or use non-medical drugs during their time at MSY.
  • During the retreat, mail or messages will not be distributed to the yogis unless it is clearly an emergency situation.
  • Alan Clements, Dr. Ingrid Jordt and Dr. Jeannine Davies are available to assist when required.

Mahasi Sayadaw’s instructions to yogis entering a meditation retreat.
Audio (in English, 33 minutes)